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What is AirSoft?


Asking yourself what is airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport to be taken seriously and involves guns that are made to look and feel like the real thing. They shoot BB’s, which are 6 mm round pellets. These bullets may not travel at speeds as high as the real thing but they do hurt. They don’t cause serious injury but the replica is definitely one to take all safety precautions. The airsoft vessels are actual copies of real life guns that are used in the field. Some Manufacturers use the real moulds of the original real life guns to make the replica even more close to recreating the look and feel of the gun. Although the BB’s only travel about half as fast as real bullets it still might hurt so do not take it lightly in close ranges. One should always use protective gear when playing this sport. The eyes should be protected with goggles at all times. Sweatshirts and thick pants or camouflage like clothing are recommended for everyone that participates.

There are 3 types of Airsoft Guns

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) – These are the most expensive guns and also the most commonly used. They average in the $300 range so it is definitely an investment for one who loves the sport. If you are looking for the Best Airsoft Gun For The Money it’s going to be an AEG. AEGs are powered by the Nickel Cadmium battery. It operates the motors that run the three gears inside the gun. They compress and then release the pistons which create a blast of air and propels the BB’s out of the gun. It’s fully automatic so it allows the gun to function efficiently resulting in a realistic rate of fire. It replicates the capabilities of the real steel so it’s worth the price.

Gas-Powered Guns – This is an intermediate level airsoft gun, which is less expensive than AEG’s . There is more of a price range in this type of gun, therefore more choices. They operate using C02 to compress the air used to propel the BBs out of the barrel. The same gas is used to cycle back the slide, creating a recoil by cycling the slide back and forth. The gas is either stored in the magazine or onboard. The blowbacks of this gun also allow realistic semi-automatic firing. It calls for easy reloading which makes it a comfortable gun for users.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns – These are the least expensive of the bunch. You can actually find them in the $20 range for a Pistol. This is a great beginner gun. They aren’t going to be the most realistic version, but they provide what is necessary. They are true to their names because they work when the cock of the gun springs first and then fires. They are semi-automatic and must be hand cocked after every shot. They are surprisingly very durable and a great gun to start with.By now you should no longer be asking yourself what is airsoft.So try it out, there are many different levels of the sport and we would love to get more out on the field. Let’s have some fun!

Best Airsoft Eye Protection Gear


We made a list of the top 5 best airsoft eye protection gear.

As you know playing air soft is something that should not be taken lightly and being responsible by using the right equipment is a very big part of it. Being shot by an air soft pellet definitely hurts and there is no where that it stings more than in the face or the eyes. If one does not have airsoft eye protection  you may cause serious injury and especially if the BB comes in contact anywhere near your eye socket or eyeballs. If you to choose one piece of equipment as a must have, airsoft eye protection gear would be the recommended. It’s the single most important article of protection that you can get. Get this before you invest in anything else. Most places will not let you even step foot on the battle premises without having the required airsoft eye protection, and for good reason.

There are different levels of protection while playing air soft such as impact resistant protective glasses, protective goggles and a full face tactical mask. Any of these options are sufficient but the key is to make sure it’s from a reputable manufacturer and that it’s high quality. There is no point in having airsoft eye protection gear if you have low quality plastics because it won’t be able to withstand the velocity of the BB.

Here are the top 5 picks of the best airsoft eye protection gear:

1. Save Phace Vengence Full Face Airsoft Mask LL SERIES – BLACK
Although this option might look extreme it really is your safest bet. This is going to provide the most solid protection as far as safety and coverage goes. This is known as one of the best pieces of face protection that you can get your hands on and it’s intimidating hurt doesn’t hurt either. This mask is crafted from high quality, high impact polymer and is equipped with military – grade clear lenses. The low profile design makes it comfortable and gives you better access to your iron sights without obstructing the visibility. One of the best feature about the whole t hing is the option to detach the goggles from the mask. You can have the option of just using the goggle portion of the piece when you feel it is appropriate. The mask has a throat protector included which protects you from high velocity projectiles that come at your upper neck and throat area. The mask is also coated with a military grade of UV anti-fog and anti-scratch solution for added durability. This particular mask is designed exclusively for air soft players and is the best in the market.

2. ESS Pro Advancer V12 Goggle
This goggle has an Adjustable Ventilation System that is patented and designed for the user to choose between two lens positions. You can have them closed , to seal out dust and debris or you can opt to have them set on advanced which is open to circulation and air and keeps them from fogging. It also has an easy adjusting strap for convenient adjustability to get it nice and snug to your face. It also offers 100% UVA/UVB protection so that you are fully protected. The design is night vision compatible if you enjoy playing in the dark as well.

3.Revision Military Asian Locust Goggle Essential – Black
This is a ballistic protective goggle that is known to provide maximum comfort to the user. It may not seem like comfort is important when playing air soft, but it truly is. There is nothing worse than a protective mask that doesn’t fit right and is slipping all over the place. With this design you are guaranteed to have the perfect fit. The field of view is great on these goggles as well because it’s completely unrestricted. The lenses have full frame ventilation and are coated with OcuMax tp prevent any fogging. These goggles are very precisely designed and feature interchangeable lenses to ensure no distortion in your view for peak performance.

4. Optx 20/20 Eyedefend US Armor Military Ballistic Goggles with Rx Insert, Army Green

This is also a ballistic goggle that is great for air soft. It comes with 2 interchangeable lenses and is designed to be reliable and effective. The anti- fog and scratch resistant coating gives it extra protection and make these last a long time. They have high quality polycarbonate lenses to exceed standards and provide 99.9% UVA-UVB protection. This piece is designed for tactical usage and is a great choice for protecting your eyes.

5. Airsoft Guarder C4 Tactical Shooting Glasses w/4 Set Lens & Belt
If you feel more comfortable using a good pair of protective glasses these are some heavy duty ones that offer good support. My recommendation would be to opt for goggles or a full mask but if these are unbearable for you then these would do. It is a durable plastic frame and generously comes with 4 sets of lenses which will last you a long time. This pair of glasses comes with ultra ballistic protection. They are sure to be secure to your body because of the glasses bow that supports them when they are on your face and the soft padding adaptor it comes with if you choose the sport belt mode.
These are a very durable choice and are specifically engineered to withstand war game activities.

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for airsoft eye protection gear. These are some of the top notch products out there that are focused on safety and reliability. Any of these items are a good purchase when it comes to protecting your eyes. The importance of choosing the right gear, especially for your eyes can’t be stressed enough. Under no circumstances whatsoever should your eyes be unprotected at anytime when you are involved in air soft activity. So now that we gave you the list of our best 5 what airsoft eye protection gear do you prefer? Leave comments below and let us know!

Top 7 Airsoft Games to Play


 Top 7 Airsoft Games to Play


If you are a fan of air soft already, or contemplating maybe trying it out you should know about the different airsoft games that are available to play. Inquiring about the Airsoft Guns that will be used and knowing where to go to play are very important, I know. But once you have that part figured out you need to know how to play the game. Not only that but know the different air soft game types that are already established and that players like. It’s great to have air soft game ideas when you go out on the field because you are able to reference a particular style of play and see what other players want to try. It’s good to be the one to know the rules of the game so brushing up on the basics is important. Your fellow players will appreciate it as well.


Here are the Top 7 Airsoft Games To Play that are popular right now.Just a little information to get players started stating the basics, like objectives and rules.


1. Medic


This is one of those airsoft games based on team domination. It Is usually played at a large scale and can run pretty long. Having extra ammo is a good idea for this air soft game type. The main difference from standard play is the Medic position involved. There should be a designated medic on each team. His job is to “heal” people when they go down. The players from opposing team try to take each other out tactfully. When a players get hit they have to lay down on the floor and remain down, unless a medic goes and rescues them. If rescued players can go back in the game and resume play. For a good strategy, the medic should be protected at all times since they have no defense. The medic staying alive as long as possible is the objective and the players should keep him protected at all times. Once the medic is killed – that’s it. They are out of the game for the duration of the time. The game continues with or without you medic, though. Whichever team takes out all of the opposing team first wins the game.


2. Bomb


This is an exciting airsoft game type that you can try. The objective is for a team to get a bomb to the opposing teams base without getting killed. This game is appropriate for a smaller number of players as well. Use something like an egg timer for the bomb and set it for 30 minutes. If the timer goes off before the attackers get it to the base then they lose. The defenders have the chance to intercept the bomb and take it wherever they would like. The best case scenario is to plant it on the attackers home base. The game is over if the bomb reaches the attackers base at any point after the game begins. Whatever team that delivers the bomb successfully wine the game.


3. Capture The Flag (CTF) –


This is another tactical air soft game that can be fun to try out. This game is based on capturing the flag that is attached to a person on the opposing team. The flag has to be placed on one team members body and clearly visible to all players. If one team is able to Capture the flag of the opponents team they win the game. There is live flag version which means when the flag carrier gets shot someone else from the team can pick it up and the game resumes. In dead flag version the person who is carrying the flag is the only one that can return the flag to the opponents base. This is a high paced game and you can play for a good amount of time by using the elimination method. Last team standing wins the whole thing!


4. President



This is a clever way to play as well if you want to add it to your air soft game collection. There is one president in the game. For the games purposes, half of the players of the team are going to be the bodyguards and the other half are assassins. The president is to reach the specified safe location without being hurt to win the game with the bodyguards. Give the president and bodyguards time to hide (3 minutes should be adequate). The assassins should be strategically set out to effectively stop and kill the president. If the president and his body guards reach the designated location safely they win. If the assassins are able to kill the president before he gets there then they win.


5. Zombie –


When it comes to airsoft games one game is  gaining popularity and is made for the ones that love the dramatic effect. The zombie craze makes this game exciting and the amount of players is usually pretty big. People show up for this type of air soft game. The ratio of humans to zombies is 4:1 so for every 4 humans there should be one zombie. Zombies wear Halloween masks and act like a zombie with their movements and noises. If a zombie is shot 3 times them it has to go down for 30 seconds unable to move. They can also be taken down by one headshot. On the other hand, a zombie’s mission is to infect the humans by touching the humans with their hands which then takes them down for 2 minutes. All the while the humans objective is to retrieve the cure items for the people and find survivors or locate the hidden weapons. If the humans retrieve all of the cure items before all being infected then they win. If the zombies are able to infect all of the humans before they get the cure items then zombies win.


6. Hostage Rescue –


This game is a great air soft game idea for indoor facilities. There are two equally divided teams and they start on 2 different sides. Half of one team goes to the opposing team base with no guns or protection spread out and hidden as the hostages. The game begins after the hostages are hidden. The hostages then try to find each other and then reach the designated area with at least half of their fellow hostage team members alive. If all of the hostages are killed before they reach the safe zone then the bad guys win.


7.  Trouble In Terrorist Town –


This airsoft game is ideal to play with a group of your friends. It only needs a minimum of 3 players so you can keep it small. You need a deck of cards to play this game. So you need to get one red face card, one red Ace, and how ever many other people in the game get black cards. Shuffle the cards and hand them out. Make sure no one see’s your card and hold onto the card until the end of the round. Whoever has the red face card is a traitor and they want to try and kill the other players. The red Ace card is a detective the detective can ask one player if he/she is the traitor. The rest of the players are innocents these players want to witness the murders and kill the traitor. The round will end after all innocents and detective are killed or when the traitor is killed. Whoever gets it done first wins.


As you can see there are so many air soft game ideas that you can try out. You can never get bored of this amazing and exciting game if you keep more than one method in your repertoire. Airsoft games are meant to be fun and with these different ways of playing you can keep it new and fresh each time you get out on the field. Airsoft welcomes creativity and these airsoft games let you use your imagination to create these battle scenarios.

Top 5 Cheap Airsoft Rifles For The Money


Here is a list of the top 5 cheap airsoft rifles.


Buying the right air soft gun might seem like a big investment for a hobby but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of options that are high quality and great for real play that won’t hurt your pockets. You just have to know what to look for and make sure that you are getting a good product even if you are not wanting to pay top dollar. Here are the Top 5 Cheap Airsoft Rifles For The Money that you should look into getting. Especially for someone that is just starting out, this list can be helpful.
G&G Top Tech TR15 Raider DST FPS-400 Blowback Electric Airsoft Rifle


If you are not afraid to spend a little money and get an extremely high quality gun then this is the way to go. The frame of the gun is designed beautifully and feels like the real thing. The material is mostly a high quality plastic composite but some parts such as the barrel, gear box and butt stock extension tube are all the real deal metal. The combination of the 2 make this gun a perfect weight and not too heavy for play. Another major attribute is the accuracy of it as well as it shoots really hard. The 20 g BB’s are great to use for this particular model. This gun does not come with a battery or charger so make sure you get those things in addition. A smart charger and nun chuck battery works well.

Cyma AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun


This is a good comparison piece to the higher end guns for a fraction of the expense. This gun comes with full metal gears and an imitation wood stock and grip for a really different and cool look. This gun definitely stands out from the rest of the blacks, greys and other colors that you normally see on the field. It has a nice bolt catch sound which is always amusing and the gun is full size comparable to the real thing. The sights on this piece is killer too. Also known for it’s accuracy this gun will not disappoint and the large magazine holds up to 600 rounds so you can shoot rapidly with no worries. If you take care of this gun it is built to last years even with everyday play. This is a great gun for the money and it looks really nice too.
MP5-G5 FPS-315Electric Airsoft Rifle


This gun is not meant to wow on the exterior level. Looks pretty basic although it does have some featured parts like selector switch, trigger, sights, end plate, and sling attachment point which are metal. The interior is metal with the gear box and inner barrel as well to make it realistic. If you like smaller guns then this is a good choice. Although it is realistically heavy, it fits great on the body and makes it so that you have the ability to move around and be stealthy. It has an option to adjust the back sight for 3 other ranges which is pretty unique as well. The magazines are light and very easy to switch out which is always a plus when in the middle of battle. It has an impressive rate of fire and is an accurate piece of equipment. This is a 9mm submachine gun of German design and it means business.


Jing Gong M4 CQB FPS-400 Electric Airsoft Rifle


This JG Airsoft gun is one of the highest rated AEG’s out on the market right now. Not to mention it looks bad ass! It has an adaptive rail which is one of the favorite features and comes attached to its unique Adaptive Rail handguard, and also features a continuous top rail extending from the front sight to the rear flip-up sight. For the all-new enhanced production run model, JG has done the impossible.  They’ve re-worked and improved what a lot of players thought was already pretty perfect AEG. It has adjustable hop-up, adjustable rear sights and a rear-retractable 4-point stock for extra comfort. It shoots strong and is extremely accurate, the only thing is it is a little on the heavy side because of it’s almost full metal design. The only negative is that the battery can be a little tricky to put in until you get used to it. Other than that this gun is stellar.
G&G GR16 Carbine DST Blowback FPS-350 Electric Airsoft Rifle Combo


G&G is known to shoot the finest Airsoft rifles and pistols on the planet. Years of development go into making the best performing and highest quality Airsoft guns you can buy so this gun is on the list for a reason. This gun is a replica of the M4A1 carbine which is used by the special forces and marines so it goes to show the quality expected. This is a gun that internally it is made of mostly metal but the outside is fiber reinforced plastic. It’s a high quality nylon fiber reinforced polymer that gives high durability and crack, shock and scratch resistance. The design makes it light weight enough to keep player fatigue down.  The gun has a great feel and look to it and the blowback on the gun makes a great sound which is always fun.


As you can see there are plenty of inexpensive guns that do not reflect in quality. All 5 of these guns are a great buy especially for players that want to invest a conservative amount of money. You get what you pay for is a true statement for the most part but these high quality guns are definitely a good buy. Check them out!


Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Check out our list of the best airsoft sniper rifles


When it comes to being an airsoft sniper there are a lot of factors that go into being effective. Being stealthy and quiet, wearing the right camouflage gear in order to blend in, and buying the right ammo are just a few things to consider. The most important component though is to choose the right sniper rifle. There are so many options and features that can go into choosing the correct gun for your level of play. Here are the top 5 best airsoft sniper rifles out there that will get the job done and perform very well so that you are not disappointed.


King Arms Kalashnikov FPS-475 Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle



This King Arms was modeled after the Soviet designed gun. Very Powerful 475 fps electric powered full metal contruction with folding bipod. Realistic heavy weight design that holds 200 rounds in the mag. Has the adjustable hop and comes with battery and charger. If you’re looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle you can get for under $200 this is going to be it.


Well MB4403A L96 FPS-440 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Here we go. Looking for a spring airsoft sniper rifle that has power? Well the Well L96 w/folding stock is a beast. This airsoft sniper rifle has the top intergrated and from rail system. Has the pistol grip and comes with a safety switch. Looking for fire power? This has 440fps! Top scope rail,bolt action spring,flash supressor and adjustable hope up system.



Airsoft JG BAR10 Bolt Action Rifle With Scope


When talking about the best airsoft sniper rifles you have to bring up the JG BAR 10!.This is a bolt action rifle that uses a manually operated bolt that opens and closes the breech with a small handle. Bolt action rifles are a popular choice for snipers and hunters because of their great accuracy.  It is realistic with a one piece full metal barrel and has a nice finish on the body.  It shoots hard and accurate which is a great combination.  It has an adjustable hop up and a long, tight bore sniper barrel for accuracy and precision. This gun tops out at over 475 FPS with 0.20 BB’s also while being able to shoot tight groupings at over 100 feet out. This cutting edge rifle is definitely worth checking out. Number 3 on our best airsoft sniper rifles list.
G&G M14 EGM014WWS FPS-310 Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle


High Value pricey but well worth it. This is the Aeg Electric g&g m14 assault rifle. Features very durable construction with a realistic weight and feel. Real wood no corners were cut in making this bad boy. This electric airsoft shoots very fast and is very powerful! Inner Barrel length is over 20inch. Nothing left to say about this airsoft sniper rifle its a beast.


KJW KM1 FPS-620 Green Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle-



Want to be blown away? When you feel this green gas kjw km1 carbine rifle you will be impressed. Full Metal Construction,rail mount,fixed stock and a built in metal hop up system. This airsoft sniper rifle has everything you could ever want. Great price


So there you have it our entire list of the best airsoft sniper rifles!. Pick one of the 5 rifles above and you will be sure to have one of the best airsoft sniper rifles on the field! So pick your favorite game and get going!

Best Airsoft Pistols Under $200 For 2015


We have put together a list of the best airsoft pistols for 2015! These are the most powerful,accurate and quality built pistols you can find on the market. So without further a do here are the best airsoft pistols for 2015


SIG Sauer P226 X-FIVE Full Metal Co2 GBB Airsoft –


First on our best airsoft pistols list is the amazing Tokyo Marui 1911a1.This model is a single stack blow back that has been much anticipated by airsofters everywhere. It has a simple but very effective design delivering impressive power and exceptional blowback. If you like a loud blowback sound this gun definitely delivers that. This piece is very visually appealing as well and made to look realistic. It has a stunning grip, trigger and novak sights with a great attention to detail. It has full size and removable metal magazine, metal hammer, trigger and safety switches.  This pistol is accurate and full of power. The one minor challenge is that it does use a ample amount of gas per shot so make sure you have a fully charged magazine, otherwise  you may not have the juice to empty all the BB’s. HERE IS THE BEST PRICE


Kwa Atp Adaptive Training Automatic Airsoft Pistol – 0.240 Caliber


Second on our best airsoft pistols list is the KWA ATP Pistol.This training pistol is very durable and well manufactured. This gun does not have recoil power is if that is something you like you may want to opt out of this one.  It has incredible gas efficiency and the accuracy is good as well. The weight of the magazine makes it easy to drop and empty efficiently which gives the gun a well balanced feel. It has excellent FPS at 350 and accurate targeting even at some distance. Another cool thing is how closely it resembles a G17 in size, weight and look of it so you feel like it’s the real thing. HERE IS THE BEST PRICE FOR THE KWA ATP PISTOL BUY NOW

Desert Eagle Magnum Softair Pistol


Third place on our best airsoft pistols is the fan favorite Desert eagle.This is a CO2 model which are more powerful and are filled with a can of propellant which is different from most BB guns. Keep both the model and the gas warm for best shooting results. This gun is fast, clean and easy to operate and doesn’t require batteries.  The smooth blowback action is great because it does not redirect your shot which is a great pro for beginners. It also has a rotating bolt which highly resembles and M16. The velocity is 380 FPS with a magazine capacity of 25 rounds. For those who like heavy recoil this gun has that for sure.HERE IS THE BEST PRICE FOR THE DESERT EAGLE BUY NOW


Dan Wesson 6″ CO2 Airsoft Revolver, Grey airsoft gun


Fourth place is the handsome Dan Wesson Revolver.This gun is beautiful to look at and has comparable functionality. It is made of metal and has a shine finish with a wood style ergonomic grip made from hard ABS plastic. The authentic markings and individual serial number it comes with makes it feel original. For added accuracy it features a double action trigger system and adjustable rear sight. It also comes with extras such as a speed loader, attachable tactical rails and 6 cartridges. This is another easy style loading gun. HERE IS THE BEST DEAL FOR THE DAN WESSON REVOLVER BUY NOW


Blackwater 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol, 6mm –


5th place on our best airsoft pistols list is a better value version of our number 1 its the Colt 1911.This is a full scale model that can shoot up to 360 FPS. Shoots very straight and accurate once you find the right setting. This gun has a full metal body and adjustable hop up which are great things to have in your repertoire. It has grip safeties, hammer and slide stop which gives the weapon added safety features. It shoots at sppeds over 350 FPS for more than 40 yards out. The authentically sized magazine is also a different approach to this pistol giving it that realistic nature. This gun is also a high pressured CO2 and has a powerful kickback. The power and accuracy of this piece is definitely one to consider.HERE IS THE BEST DEAL


So there you have it the list for 2015 of the best airsoft pistols. If you’re looking for the best assault rifle or the best sniper rifle we have guides as well.

Best Airsoft Shotguns Under $75 for 2015


So you’re looking for the best airsoft shotguns you can get for under $75

You don’t have to have an expensive piece of equipment to be able to enjoy the game of airsoft. Luckily there are guns in every price range making it possible for everyone out there to find something. Don’t be discouraged or taken aback when you look online and see nothing but expensive guns that go beyond your budget. There is something for you out there you just need some guidance. Especially when you are a novice and new to the game you may want to be economical when it comes to buying your first gun. You still have to figure out your likes and dislikes as well as the features that are important to you before you may want to invest in a more expensive piece. These are some of the best airsoft shotguns that are under $75 for the person who is looking to get a great price and good value. Our best airsoft shotguns list is in no particular order.


Double Eagles M58B Metal Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun 350-FPS



This is an airsoft pump shotgun that fires at 375-400 FPS which is great power for the price. This gun is made up of mostly metal alloy and hard ABS plastic. It does come with a couple of extras like a free speed loader and free sling which is always a plus. It has a 14 round capacity. This realistic shotgun rifle is definitely the most powerful gun you can get at a very affordable price.Best price buy the M58B Here


Double Eagle M47C Sawed-Off Style Shotgun with Scope and Flash Light, Black


This is a heavyweight single handed grip shotgun with extras. Ideal for any airsoft event and for players simply getting into this game. In the event that your searching for a spring pump activity shotgun look close to the M47 single handed grip shotgun.Get the best price here




Airsoft Gun M183A1 Shotgun Rifle Full Scale Tactical


This is a new and full scale pump action shotgun that is ready to go. A unique aspect on this gun is that it uses an authentic shotgun shell cartridge that holds the ammo which gives it an awesome look. It has a full length barrel and an adjustable hop up with a single shot velocity of 350 FPS.  The magazine capacity is 14BB’s. This gun comes with some extras such as shell holder, speed loader, and a sample bag of BB’s. Best Price on the M183A1 shotgun buy now


DE M56DL Tri-Shot CQB-L Airsoft Shotgun


This is another model that has the innovative feature of triple firing where 3 BB’s can be shot simultaneously. This gun has a speed of 290 FPS with a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It also includes a speed loader and sling, a metal barrel and an adjustable front sling loop.Best Price on the M56DL airsoft shotgun buy now


UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun – Full Stock Version


It has a pistol grip full stock which allows for maximum weapon retention and stability. It also has the tri-shot capability which allows 3 BB’s to be shot at the same time from 3 individual barrels in one cycle. It has open iron sights that allow for quick target acquisition. The short barrel allows for comfortable maneuverability. This weapon shoots at 290 FPS and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Some features that are included are a two shot shell and a speed loader. The muscle spring action gives it a dominant force while out on the field.Best price on the combat commando buy now

So there you have it our list of the best airsoft shotguns you can get under $75.00. If you are looking for the best rifle , pistol or sniper rifle we also have top 5 list for them as well.

Best Airsoft Vests Under $75 For 2015


So you’re looking for the best airsoft vest under $75 for the 2015

There are many uses for an airsoft vest.The most common of course being protection from the damage that the BB’s cause. It may be that you dont want to feel that dreaded sting of that 400fps shot on your skin.You may just want the option to hold extra rounds or some grenades on you during battle. One thing is for sure though, if you’re smart, you’re going to want to get an airsoft vest. We took the hard work out by creating a list of the best airsoft vests you can get for the money.This list of the best airsoft vest is in no particular order.

UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario Vest, Black

This is a sturdy vest for your recreational sports game without the full weight material as some others giving it a light feel. It manifests the serious combat mode design with no cop outs whatsover. The only thing is that it uses a lighter weight material for best performance and even gives it a sportier look. This design makes it so that it’s easy to carry all of your needed gear with quick and comfortable access. No matter what scenario you are in, this vest will help get you the results you want.Best price here

Northstar Tactical Assault Vest (Medium/X-Large, Olive Drab)

It may come as no surprise for those who know about this type of thing that this product will always deliver uncompromising quality. They pride themselves in paying attention to every detail in the maufacturing, looking at every stitch and zipper to make sure it is crafted perfectly to standards. This product is tough and ready to be used and used again and again. It is built to last and it is nice to be able to depend on a vest to deliver every time.Get the best price here

Condor Recon Chest Rig (Tan)

This vest is made of genuine Crye Precision multicam material and is handcrafted internationally. It comes with 3 built in stacker kangaroo type mag pouches. This can hold pretty much what your heart desires such as 6 M4 mags, 6 pistol mags and a swivel lockster as well as a swivel push button release buckle. The design is cool and comfortable with a padded cross back shoulder strap with webbing. It also features an additional mesh pocket on the back. It has a open top mag pouch on each side.Get the best price here

New Paintball / Airsoft Black SWAT / POLICE Tactical Vest Field Gear

This vest is very well crafted and comes adjustable from sizes Medium to extra Large for all body types. The design features a cushioned collar which gives extra padding to your neck area. It has multiple pouches in the front and back for things such as your radio, clips, holsters, and paintball containers. This versatile and deluxe vest utilizes velcro on the flaps of the pouches. It even includes velcro Swat and Police labels that you can stick to the front and back of the vest. Also an ideal vest for airsoft players.Get the best price here

Olive Drab MOLLE Modular Military Tactical Assault Vest



So its time for the last airsoft vest on our list of the best airsoft vest money can buy. This vest includes pouches both on the left and right side and can be adjusted in size with straps at the top of the vest. Also has snaps that adjust additional pouches/patches.Get the best deal here So there it is our entire list of the best airsoft vest you can get. Hopefully you use this list to get the best airsoft vest and find the best deal as well. We have other list including best airsoft pistols,best airsoft shotguns,best airsoft sniper rifles and

even best airsoft fields.