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Best Airsoft Fields Georgia

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 We put together a list of the best Airsoft Fields Georgia.

Georgia Airsoft

Gameplay:  CQB AND Woods

Open   Every Saturday and Sunday

Average   Field Fee: $15

Rentals:    Yes

Average Review Rating 3.4/ 5 Stars


Location:305 Lakeview Dr.
Winterville GA 30683


Georgia Airsoft is a great field that offers a mix of CQB and Woodland Battle. This airsoft field offers 4 different types of playing fields with everything from bunkers to towers and even a great 2 fort setup. This airsoft field also always seems to be improving so keep an eye out for this one it’s a great place to play at.

Team Airsoft (GeorgeTown)

Gameplay: Field/woodland

Open: Every Saturday, unless there is a Sunday game

Average Cost:  $15

Rentals: Yes

Average Review Rating 4.5/ 5 Stars


Location:33 Old Towne Rd; Dawsonville Ga. 30534

city1 city_smallbarn1 city5 city2

You can normally find 50+ people here because of the larger field. There’s a lot of different game types and this is one of the best fields in Georgia. What are you waiting for?

best airsoft scopes under $50


These are the best airsoft scopes that you can get for under $50

We know that you want one of the best airsoft  scopes but also want a wallet friendly price. Well we found you some of the best airsoft scopes you can get and we did it by searching high and low. Our list has everything from red/green dots to full out laser scopes. What are you waiting for? Check out the list already!

NcStar Tactical Red/Green Dot Sight with Cantilever Weaver Mount (DMRG130)


The first scope on our list of the best airsoft scopes for 2016 is the NcStar Tactical. Don’t let the price fool you, the price might be cheap but this scope isn’t a cheaply made product. It has a green/red dot site that offers unlimited eye relief. The scope also has five brightening settings for reach red and green dot. The flip up lens also protects from debris.

UTG 4X32 1″ Hunter Scope, Mil-dot, Airgun Rings, Adj@35 Yds


Leaper created a gem with this one for the price. This scope offers great clarity and is built on a strong platform, its completely sealed with nitrogen to create a shock, rain, fog proof scope. The lens is also able to flip open and shut.

BSA 30mm Red Dot Scope with 5 MOA


This scope is perfect for close and medium range. It’s lightweight and perfect for smaller calibers. This scope has 11 different brightness settings. Starting at a lower light perfect for night and a brighter light “11” to ensure visibility during day time play. On the move? It’s shock proof so you’re good to go!.

Vokul Shockproof 532nm Tactical Green Dot Laser Sight Rifle Gun Scope w/ Rail & Barrel Mount Cap Pressure Switch


Who would of thought! You can get a laser scope with rail and barrel mount for under $25. What? The Vokul impressed me with its low price and quality. The green laser is very bright, sharp and visible even from longer distances. It also has two types of switches 1 being push button that keeps the light on and the other is a pressure switch. This is my favorite on the list of the best airsoft scopes for 2015 under $50.

Vokul 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green Laser Dual Illuminated Mil-dot with Rail Mount


The final scope on our list is another Vokul but this one has red/green laser dual with rail mount. It’s shockproof, waterproof, light weight and scratch resistant. It has a very nice finish and comes with a cover. This scope is also very easy to install and has a range of around 100 yards. The Vokul 2.5 gets the job done in every way possible..

So now that you have the best airsoft scope you can get for under $50 how about the best airsoft sniper rifle to go with it? Or maybe a shotgun? Pistol?. We have other list of the best airsoft products check out the rest of our site!

Check out our list of the Best Airsoft gloves for 2016


Check out our list of the Best Airsoft gloves for 2016

You can’t enjoy having sweaty hands while playing airsoft or even worse getting hit directly on your fingers by airsoft bb’s. It’s important to have a good pair of airsoft gloves.  These gloves help to protect your hands while keeping them dry, hey some of them work with your touch screen phone.. how cool is that.. but you might not want to be on facebook and playing airsoft at the same time.. just saying 360 no scope anyone?

Oakley Mens Si Tactical Touch Glove, Black

best airsoft gloves of 2016

So you want an awesome pair of airsoft gloves that not only protect you well but give you the ability to use your smart phone at the same time? Well, the Oakley Men’s Si Tactical Touch allow you the ability to use your touch phone without removing them. They are made of a premium leather and are very durable. They also have better knuckle guard then most.  This is the most expensive pair on the list but they are the best pair of goggles on our list. They offer top notch protection.

Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert

Gloves for airsoft

On a budget but need a pair of solid airsoft gloves to protect your hands? Well, the Mechanix is perfect for you! They are Form-Fitting Trekdry, that means they keep your hands dry! They are also machine washable so after a game or two just throw them in.

Freetoo Men’s Outdoor Gloves Full Finger Cycling Motorcycle Gloves

Airsoft Hand Protection

With these gloves, you have the ability to choose between the full finger version or the half finger. These offer a nice finger protection and help again the impact of the bb’s. They are breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweaty hands.

Valken V-TAC Half Finger Plastic Back Airsoft Gloves

Airsoft hand gloves

How about a pair of airsoft gloves for under $10? These bad boys are made of a flexible plastic armor and have abrasion resistant padding on the palm.

Seibertron Men’s S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Best Airsoft Goggles

They offer good protection at a fraction of the price. They are nice and they are comfortable. They also offer a wrist strap which makes them really easy to adjust. These might be the last pair of gloves on our best airsoft gloves list but that doesn’t mean we would pick them last. They are a very good pair of gloves and for the price they might be perfect.

Alright so you’re about to hit the field and you just got the best airsoft gloves but! Wait a minute did you remember to check out the pistols? What are you going to do with just gloves and no pistol? What if you get into a shootout or something and your mp5 runs out of ammo and you reach for your pistol but it jams. You try to fix it but BOOOOOOM headshot. You should have checked out our list of the best airsoft pistols!.

Best Airsoft Goggles for 2016


Best Airsoft Goggles for 2016

It’s important while playing airsoft to protect your eyes, those small bb’s at the high velocity they are being projected at can cause major damage if you take a direct hit to your eyes. You should be responsible while operating any airsoft guns and not handle them without proper eye protection. We know some of you wear glasses so we wanted to make sure to add a pair of tactical goggles that works well this glasses under them. Now that you know how important it is to have the proper eyewear while playing airsoft check out our list below of the best airsoft goggles for 2016.

Bolle X100 Tactical Goggles


Bolle is known for quality eyewear but they also make ski goggles. Do not make the mistake of getting the wrong goggles and having the plastic shatter upon impact. The Bolle X100 Tactical Goggles are what you want for airsoft. These goggles are military grade with ballistic protection, the x100 goggles offer some of the best anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance on the market. These also feature equalizer technology that uses a waterproof and breathable vent to eliminate any moisture that may occur. The result of having equalizer technology is a distortion free ultra-clear vision with no fogging at any altitude

Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic


The Revision Locust is one of the best pairs of airsoft goggles you will find. These bad boys can handle any temperature while providing great comfort.They also have what’s known as dual-pane thermal coating that keeps fog and scratches from occurring. One of the things that we love about these goggles are that the lenses are interchangeable, so if you are playing in direct sunlight or at night you can easily swap out the lenses and continue on doing what you love “airsoft!”

ARENA Flakjak U.S. Military Goggle Kit, FJ-K1112


The Arena flakjak offer superior eye protection and are combat tested and proven. They offer some of the best fit in the business while being comfortable but large enough to fit over eye glasses. The ballistic frame is reinforced and ultra durable.

ESS Land Ops Striker Goggles – Foliage Green


Want a pair of goggles that’s backed by the U.S army? These are authorized for use of prescription eyewear and offer exceptional fog resistant and particle filtration. They also have extra thick lenses to ensure stellar protection. Hey, these also come with a gift box.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles, Vented, OD Green


Need eye protection while protecting your bank account? Well, the lancer tactical goggles offer very good protection while keeping your bank account in line. They offer full seal protection, large field of view and are also adjustable. Keep in mind these do not offer anti fog protection and scratch protection like the others above. They do the basics well, though, keep your eyes comfortable and protect your eyes from projectiles.


So now that you have a nice pair of airsoft goggles to protect your eyes how about some protection for the rest of your face? Full face mask are very popular in airsoft and we created a list of the best 5. After all, we want to keep our lips, nose and ears in tact right?!




Your secondary weapon is very important. You want to make sure you have a high-quality pistol that will answer when its called upon. If you are using your pistol as your main you want to make sure it’s accurate and does not jam. We searched high and dry to find the best 5 airsoft pistols for 2016 that are well made and built to last



The Sig SP 2022 has a unique feel, it has a perfect balance while feeling like a real pistol. It has very good accuracy and the trigger is smooth to pull. The Sig SP 2022 is also a little louder than most airsoft pistols on the market. The pistol is also Semi-automatic with no blowback and includes a full metal slide.

KJW Model-603M9PTP Gas/Co2 Blowback Full Metal


For the price, you can’t beat the KJW full metal semi-auto M9. You’re going to get an extremely well-built m9 for a fraction of the price. This m9 is a gas blow back built from high-quality metal with an adjustable hop system and a lot more under its sleeve. I would rate this #1 on the best airsoft pistols list. ( Keep in mind you can switch from gas to c02 with this bad boy)

Umarex 2254804 XBG Multi-Shot CO2 Power .177-Caliber Air Pistol, Black Matte Finish


So you want something that’s good quality but won’t break the bank? We have the perfect airsoft pistol for you. It’s the Umarex XBG. This airsoft pistol has a metal mag that holds 19 shots. It is also C02 powered with a stunning lightweight design. This pistol is very accurate for the price and has a great sight setup. If you’re looking for an airsoft pistol that won’t break the bank the Umarex XBG is for you!

WinGun 702 6 Revolver CO2 Gas Gun BK


What a stunning airsoft gun. The Wingun 702 6 Revolver is one of a kind with it’s design,feel and quality build. This beauty has simulated wooden pistol grip that’s paired with a metal frame and barrel. It’s also double action with an adjustable rear sight. This airsoft pistol feels exact like a real revolver so it’s a great addition to anyone’s arsenal. I would give this 2nd place on our best airsoft pistols list!

No4 S u0026 W PC356 full auto


You know already this list would not be complete without a Tokyo Marui right!? So here we have a beast that runs off triple a batteries. It’s really a beautiful model that goes from Semi to fully automatic with just a switch. This is going to be one of the highest FPS you will get out of an electric airsoft gun so if you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive and still shoots well then this pistol is a must.

So there you have it our entire list of the best 5 airsoft pistols for 2016. We wanted to make sure to give you some great options we know that there are other great guns that did not make our list but keep in mind it’s only “5 best airsoft pistols” we will have another post with different price ranges so stay tuned for plenty more to come. If you found a great pistol why not combine it with an awesome airsoft sniper rifle?

Best Airsoft Vest Under $50 for 2016


Protecting yourself in the exhilarating game of airsoft can be very important if you want to play pain-free. I know that when we are playing we want to be confident to make our moves during action not thinking about if it’s going to hurt. Here’s some information highlighting some of the best and most popular choices that fans of the sport are buying. Also, it showcases some of the bonuses and popular features that we should look for. It’s worth investing in a good airsoft vest so that you can feel secure and comforted in knowing you are going to be protected during the course of the game. I wouldn’t mind wearing the best airsoft vests of 2016 would you?

Here is a list of the best airsoft vests to get under $50:

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


This vest has a specific design that is useful for airsoft players. With a lot of storage space included so that you can carry anything you want to take with you during the course of the game. It’s a great feeling being prepared out there for anything! This is the real deal here and a great option.

Another distinct feature is it’s breathable and well-ventilated material used for its design.It makes it nice and airy so that you can feel comfortable wearing it for a long time.

The Interchangeable Mag Pouch and Holster The vest comes with a hook-and-loop attachable modular double mag pouch as well as a right-handed holster. They are interchangeable to meet demands of different missions which is awesome. These are what official law enforcement personnel wear which is pretty cool. No matter if you are in a real life threatening situation where it can save your life, or out on the airsoft field having a good time this vest suits the occasion and is one you want to wear.

CAMTOA Tactical Vest Combat Molle Assault Military Army Airsoft Tactical SWAT Vest –


This vest is very versatile and has a lot to offer the buyer. It has many features that are unique and make this another great option such as that it’s made by high-density nylon material that makes it durable and comfortable. A velcro patch can be attached on the vest for an added bonus. Fully adjustable in size with velcro attachment on two sides and shoulder of the vest body so it’s great for any size. A good option for an airsoft vests for big guys.

Some specifications are that is has a back MED pouch and pistol magazine pouches for convenient storage space, one with big velcro for ID card. It also features buckles and adjustable shoulders with 3 adjustment straps so that you can make it comfortable to you personally as if it was one of a kind!

Crosman Elite Airsoft Tactical Harness –


This is a great buy for under $50 as well. It comes in a very comfortable and light nylon material which is ideal. It also zippers on and off from up front which makes it effortless to put on and take off. Featuring eight ventilated pockets for stashing airsoft magazines, radio, bottled water and just about anything else you carry to the field. It also has 2 internal, deep pockets with zippers which are perfect for stashing the things you really can’t lose!

It also includes a padded shoulder for right-handed shooters for that added comfort you appreciate during the game. This vest looks good to the eye for sure and that is one of the draws to it but it also backs it up with a sturdy design that is tactical and efficient. This airsoft guns vest is a great buy.

WELL Fire Combat Tactical Vest Camo Airsoft Gun Accessory –


This is a great beginners vest which won’t cost you as much as some of the others on the list but will still most definitely get the job done. It comes with front and back protection which is amazing because you want to feel secure all over. The cool Camo design is also good and ideal for being stealthy and unseen in the heat of the game. The dual side pockets and velcro straps are ideal for storage and convenience.

This vest is well under the $50 and is a great way to get started without breaking the bank. It does the main goal which protects you from those bullets coming towards you that can hurt if you are not prepared. This is also a great buy if you are purchasing extras for the non-enthusiasts that just want to play once in a while. Don’t get me wrong though anyone would do well with this vest out in the airsoft field. Great price, great buy.

MetalTac® Airsoft Tactical Vest – Police Law Enforcement Modular Style SWAT Vest –


If you are out on the field with this airsoft sniper vest than you know you are official. Nobody would dought that with it’s sleek design and official look. Comes in an X-L one size fits all that is designed to fit every individual size with stretch bands as well designed to hold shotgun shells. For an added bonus you even get a SWAT patch that makes you intimidating and ready for action. Comes also with 12 pockets, 8 in the front and 2 in the back so that you can get to things at any angle. It has 4 large pockets for rifle magazines which include 2 in the front and 2 in the back for convenience.

This design is meant to last and is extremely durable even for the wear and tear these situations present. Constructed from durable nylon and comes with neck protection cushion to also provide comfort for whatever position you are in. Perfect for airsoft sniper vest shoppers. Now that you have a great sniper vest you’re going to need the best airsoft sniper rifle.

Condor Modular Vest


This vest is ideal for anyone to wear and feel extremely protected out on the field. It also zips from the front which makes it easy to wear even for the bigger guys out there. Airsoft vest for big people are sometimes hard to find and this one definitely accommodates. It fits everyone though and is extremely versatile and adjustable so no one has to shy away from it.

Some other features are its emergency drag handle and padded chest for extra protection. It has heavy weight webbing for modular attachments which is also a great feature. With quick release buckles and hanging guides for pistol and duty belts. This imported vest is also very sharp in design and includes 2 internal zippered mesh pockets for storage. Its very light in weight and maneuverable in any situation that is presented during your adventure!

As you can see the benefits in buying an airsoft vest that is appropriate to your needs and maintains great protection always is important. Let the list be your guideline in what to look for and works for you. These are some of the best airsoft vests for 2016 that are under $50. They really keep you protected and safe during the game and also provide additional features that improve the quality of play. Make sure you snag one of these to really make your airsoft experience the best it can be. No pain and more focus to get those targets!

Top 5 best airsoft sniper rifles for 2016

sniper in camouflage suit looking at the target

Here is our list of the top 5 best airsoft sniper rifles for 2016


So you want one of the best airsoft sniper rifles but don’t want to spend the big bucks? Well, we made a list of the best airsoft sniper rifles you can get for under $150.If you don’t want targets to know what hit them then you are going to want to invest in the best airsoft sniper rifle you can get. This gives you some information and a little bit of a breakdown of some of the best airsoft sniper rifles on the market that cost under $150 for 2015. It can be helpful in deciding which gun to go with and what features are important to you to get the best option for your particular needs. Any of the airsoft rifles listed below is going to be a great buy, but here is a little more general information to make your decision a little bit easier.So here it is our list of the best airsoft sniper rifles.

1. BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Type 96 Airsoft Gun with 3X Rifle Scope and Aluminum Bipod

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles M59 Magnum FPS-380 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle -


First, gun on our list of the best airsoft sniper rifles is made mostly by ABs plastic and has some real metal parts, but once you hold it in your hands yo soon realize how real it truly feels. This spring powered rifle has bolt action and adjustable hop up. You’ll need to pull back the bolt and push it back into position in order to cock it – just like the real thing! It shoots at over 380 FPS and includes a speed loader as well. Some other fun extras that come with your purchase are a barrel cleaning rod, scope, bipod, and samp;e bag of BB’s.

2. Dragunov SVD FPS-600 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Dragunov SVD FPS-600 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle -

This is a powerful spring full metal fun that feels weighty and a little heavy in your hands – in a good way! It really makes it feel like the real thing. It’s design is based off the Russian SVD sniper rifle with the same name. The powerful spring makes it able to shoot .12 BB’s at a speedy 600 FPS. Hands down the highest velocity if you are looking for speed. It also has a long barrel, and the power spring makes it so that you can hit your target at a larger distance with great precision and accuracy. It is a large piece at 4 feet long so it has a great intimidation factor. We would say on our list of the best airsoft sniper rifles under $150 its a tie for 1st.

3. TSD Tactical SD94 FPS-450 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle-

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles TSD Tactical SD94 FPS-450 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle-

This is another awesome spring-powered airsoft rifle .I would say without a doubt the TSD Tactical is one of the best airsoft sniper rifles you can get under $150. It is known to be fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained which are all great qualities. This gun has a velocity of 450 FPS with a built in hop up system and bolts action. This is the best option if you are looking for something tough and sturdy. This particular model can take a lot of wear and tear and is very durable. It’s made to last and will definitely hold up in any conditions.


4.Airsoft JG BAR10 Bolt Action Rifle With Scope

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Jing Gong SR-5231 Bar-10 Pro FPS-475 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

So when you have a list of the top 5 best airsoft sniper rifles for under $150 there’s one gun that will for sure make that list. It’s the JG Bar 10. This bad boy is a bolt action rifle that uses a bolt that manually opens and closes the breach.These rifles “Bolt Action” are a popular choice amongst snipers. This thing can shoot hard while still being very accurate and that’s a pretty nice combo. The hop up is fully adjustable  and has a nice tight bore sniper barrel to improve accuracy and precision. The JG reaches fps of over 475 with the .20 bb’s “that’s pretty impressive” that means you can shoot tight groupings at over 100 feet out. I would say this is on of my favorites and one of the best airsoft sniper rifles you can get.


5. Mauser Kar 98 FPS-300 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Mauser Kar 98 FPS-300 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is a newer design and is a bolt action spring Mauser Kar 98 replica. This is a tried and true battle tested rifle and the real thing was a key during World War 2. It comes with an all metal firing chamber and metal shells. It is bolt action single shot and is, of course, manual. The firing velocity is 300 FPS This is another option that was meant to last. It is accurate and also reliable which makes a great combination for your airsoft rifle.

There it is, the Top 5 best airsoft rifles on the market for 2015 and some of the highlights. Choosing the perfect rifle is key to a good time out on the field. Hopefully, this list can help!

Best Airsoft Gun For The Money


So what is the best airsoft gun for the money?

If you are looking for an intermediate, full size rifle that is especially designed for medium to long range shooting the best recommendation we have for you is the best airsoft gun for the money KWA KM4 M4 M16 SR10 Full Metal 2GX AEG Airsoft BB Rifle Gun This weapon is versatile and easy to maneuver but have the power and potency to reach your targets from a safe distance.


Ÿ  Length – Retracted: 84.45 cm Extended: 92.07 cm

Ÿ  Outer Barrel Length – 368 mm

Ÿ  Barrel Thread – 14 mm

Ÿ  Inner Barrel Length – 425mm

Ÿ  Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05mm

Ÿ  Hop-Up: Adjustable

Ÿ  Magazine Capacity = 120 Rounds

Ÿ  Mid-Cap magazine included Caliber = 6mm Airsoft BB

Ÿ  Velocity = 380+ fps** with .20 gram BB’s Rate of Fire = 18+ rps

Ÿ  Weight = 6.5 lbs.

Ÿ  Power = 8.4V, 9.6V NiMh



Ÿ  KWA 2GX Gearbox

Ÿ  KWA 2G High Performance Bucking

Ÿ  Full metal alloy receiver

Ÿ  Quick Detach, adjustable front and rear sights

Ÿ  Free Float MIL-SPEC-1913 [Picatinny] Rail Adapter System

Ÿ  6 position collapsible stock with integrated battery compartment

Ÿ  Flat top receiver

Ÿ  Semi and Full Auto

Ÿ  Adjustable Hop-Up


KWA AEG GUNS are world renowned and known for their exceptional quality and their top of the line performance. These hand crafted weapons are engineered to function smoothly with Lithium Polymer batteries right out of the box. This is a classic example of getting what you pay for. The price reflects the hottest rate of fire performance on the market and have internals that will last considerably longer than any of the competition. This gun offers tactical flexibility with so many features to engage with. This gun is the top choice for AEG airsofters due to its accuracy and incredible reliability.


The purpose of investing in a right out of the box gun is to give the end user a high performance airsoft carbine without having to purchase any upgrade parts. Essential accessories can be purchased instead if desired. Players can get out and use it immediately without further modifications.

So what do you think about our pick for the best airsoft gun for the money? Do you feel its really the best airsoft gun? Leave comments and let us know!

Best Airsoft BBs


 Looking for the right airsoft bbs?

AIRSOFT BBS are the pellets that airsoft guns use during the game, and choosing the right one for your equipment is an important part of good upkeep. If you have a lower quality air soft gun because maybe you are a beginner, then this may not be as important. If you have a high-quality piece then using the lower quality airsoft BBs can actually cause damage to the gearbox components which would not be a good thing. They can get stuck in the barrel and cause jams as well as break into pieces in the barrel because of the material used. There are low-grade airsoft BBs that are designed to be used with beginner guns, and there are high-grade airsoft BBs that you should invest in if you have a nice piece of equipment. We have a little bit for everyone here!

Here is a list of the decent brands that are great for beginners with less expensive AIRSOFT GUNS


Here is a list of the good brands that all intermediate and high-level players should be using to maintain a good gun:

Tokyo Marui
BB King

There are so many different kinds of airsoft BBs out there to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. We welcome any questions. Bring your equipment and we can figure out what’s best for your particular needs. If you stick to this list then you should be good to go. So what do you think? What type of airsoft bbs do you prefer to put in your machine? We would love to hear from you leave a comment below! As always thanks for reading!

List Of The Top 5 Best Airsoft Fields In Florida


Airsoft fields in Florida

We are lucky enough to live in a state where there is plenty of opportunities to get your guns out there and have a good time. There is a multitude of facilities, indoor and outdoor where air soft is played in a controlled and respectful environment. It’s good to get out there any chance you can and since we have so many places to choose from in Florida it’s good to know which ones are best.

Here are the Top 5 Best Airsoft fields in Florida:

Mudgrunt Airsoft Park:
Location: Sarasota/Bradenton
Admission: $15.00


This park is 10 Acres of land with all different kinds of terrains. There’s a dense jungle area, a wooded area, an open field and even safe zones for players to play combat. There are 2 sniper towers as well which is awesome. It’s a safe place to go because they have referees, and proper eye protection is mandatory. They will be building an Airsoft City soon for more close quarter combat.

Miami Airsoft:
Location: Miami
Admission: $10.00 – $20.00


This facility is the real deal and is a full blown operation. It’s a great place for a real enjoyable air soft experience. This place is right in the middle of Miami and is open 7 days a week which is pretty great. They also offer rentals and even incorporated a gun testing range which is so convenient. It makes the facility that much safer for beginners. They also work with experienced trainers and instructors to offer up to date training and effective tactics for the environment. They have classes that range for all level players. It’s a large facility as well at about 25,000 feet.

Matrix Tactical Field:
Location: Miami
Admission: $15.00


This facility is also in Miami and is a pro shop. They cater to paintball and skateboarding as well. That makes it a pretty cool and athletic environment. It’s 2 and ½ acres of natural landscaping and trees in an outdoor arena. They have bunkers and towers and base area making it a tactical field. You can book the facility for private parties as well. All equipment is sold and rented which is great for new players.

Black Tiger Airsoft:
Location: Tampa Bay
Admission: $10.00


This place is huge with over 40 acres of playable forest. It’s an outdoor game of fun. All skill levels are welcome. Enjoy it while it’s there because they are said to be finding a new home soon. Big games can take place because they can accommodate 250 players in one game because of the size of the field.

Battalion Airsoft Arena:
Location: Jacksonville
Admission: $15.00 – $20.00


This place has a little bit of everything and is a great facility on many levels. It offers a convenient pro shop so you can buy and rent the equipment. You can ask the pro shop guys questions and get more familiar with the sport. It has an awesome restaurant called the Battalion Canteen as the centerpiece which is great to refuel after an exciting game. They also constantly offer specials and promotions which are great for the regular visitors. They have challenges that you can register for as you get more advanced.


As you can see the air soft community is a large one already and continues to grow. It’s exciting that we have all of these places in our backyard to play the sport we love. These locations are all secure and welcome all skill level. You can rent equipment and they have answers to any questions at every single one. Check them out and get hooked on Airsoft!