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Best Airsoft Vests Under $75 For 2015


So you’re looking for the best airsoft vest under $75 for the 2015

There are many uses for an airsoft vest.The most common of course being protection from the damage that the BB’s cause. It may be that you dont want to feel that dreaded sting of that 400fps shot on your skin.You may just want the option to hold extra rounds or some grenades on you during battle. One thing is for sure though, if you’re smart, you’re going to want to get an airsoft vest. We took the hard work out by creating a list of the best airsoft vests you can get for the money.This list of the best airsoft vest is in no particular order.

UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario Vest, Black

This is a sturdy vest for your recreational sports game without the full weight material as some others giving it a light feel. It manifests the serious combat mode design with no cop outs whatsover. The only thing is that it uses a lighter weight material for best performance and even gives it a sportier look. This design makes it so that it’s easy to carry all of your needed gear with quick and comfortable access. No matter what scenario you are in, this vest will help get you the results you want.Best price here

Northstar Tactical Assault Vest (Medium/X-Large, Olive Drab)

It may come as no surprise for those who know about this type of thing that this product will always deliver uncompromising quality. They pride themselves in paying attention to every detail in the maufacturing, looking at every stitch and zipper to make sure it is crafted perfectly to standards. This product is tough and ready to be used and used again and again. It is built to last and it is nice to be able to depend on a vest to deliver every time.Get the best price here

Condor Recon Chest Rig (Tan)

This vest is made of genuine Crye Precision multicam material and is handcrafted internationally. It comes with 3 built in stacker kangaroo type mag pouches. This can hold pretty much what your heart desires such as 6 M4 mags, 6 pistol mags and a swivel lockster as well as a swivel push button release buckle. The design is cool and comfortable with a padded cross back shoulder strap with webbing. It also features an additional mesh pocket on the back. It has a open top mag pouch on each side.Get the best price here

New Paintball / Airsoft Black SWAT / POLICE Tactical Vest Field Gear

This vest is very well crafted and comes adjustable from sizes Medium to extra Large for all body types. The design features a cushioned collar which gives extra padding to your neck area. It has multiple pouches in the front and back for things such as your radio, clips, holsters, and paintball containers. This versatile and deluxe vest utilizes velcro on the flaps of the pouches. It even includes velcro Swat and Police labels that you can stick to the front and back of the vest. Also an ideal vest for airsoft players.Get the best price here

Olive Drab MOLLE Modular Military Tactical Assault Vest



So its time for the last airsoft vest on our list of the best airsoft vest money can buy. This vest includes pouches both on the left and right side and can be adjusted in size with straps at the top of the vest. Also has snaps that adjust additional pouches/patches.Get the best deal here So there it is our entire list of the best airsoft vest you can get. Hopefully you use this list to get the best airsoft vest and find the best deal as well. We have other list including best airsoft pistols,best airsoft shotguns,best airsoft sniper rifles and

even best airsoft fields.

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