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What is AirSoft?


Asking yourself what is airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport to be taken seriously and involves guns that are made to look and feel like the real thing. They shoot BB’s, which are 6 mm round pellets. These bullets may not travel at speeds as high as the real thing but they do hurt. They don’t cause serious injury but the replica is definitely one to take all safety precautions. The airsoft vessels are actual copies of real life guns that are used in the field. Some Manufacturers use the real moulds of the original real life guns to make the replica even more close to recreating the look and feel of the gun. Although the BB’s only travel about half as fast as real bullets it still might hurt so do not take it lightly in close ranges. One should always use protective gear when playing this sport. The eyes should be protected with goggles at all times. Sweatshirts and thick pants or camouflage like clothing are recommended for everyone that participates.

There are 3 types of Airsoft Guns

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) – These are the most expensive guns and also the most commonly used. They average in the $300 range so it is definitely an investment for one who loves the sport. If you are looking for the Best Airsoft Gun For The Money it’s going to be an AEG. AEGs are powered by the Nickel Cadmium battery. It operates the motors that run the three gears inside the gun. They compress and then release the pistons which create a blast of air and propels the BB’s out of the gun. It’s fully automatic so it allows the gun to function efficiently resulting in a realistic rate of fire. It replicates the capabilities of the real steel so it’s worth the price.

Gas-Powered Guns – This is an intermediate level airsoft gun, which is less expensive than AEG’s . There is more of a price range in this type of gun, therefore more choices. They operate using C02 to compress the air used to propel the BBs out of the barrel. The same gas is used to cycle back the slide, creating a recoil by cycling the slide back and forth. The gas is either stored in the magazine or onboard. The blowbacks of this gun also allow realistic semi-automatic firing. It calls for easy reloading which makes it a comfortable gun for users.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns – These are the least expensive of the bunch. You can actually find them in the $20 range for a Pistol. This is a great beginner gun. They aren’t going to be the most realistic version, but they provide what is necessary. They are true to their names because they work when the cock of the gun springs first and then fires. They are semi-automatic and must be hand cocked after every shot. They are surprisingly very durable and a great gun to start with.By now you should no longer be asking yourself what is airsoft.So try it out, there are many different levels of the sport and we would love to get more out on the field. Let’s have some fun!

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