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Best Airsoft Fields Georgia

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 We put together a list of the best Airsoft Fields Georgia.

Georgia Airsoft

Gameplay:  CQB AND Woods

Open   Every Saturday and Sunday

Average   Field Fee: $15

Rentals:    Yes

Average Review Rating 3.4/ 5 Stars


Location:305 Lakeview Dr.
Winterville GA 30683


Georgia Airsoft is a great field that offers a mix of CQB and Woodland Battle. This airsoft field offers 4 different types of playing fields with everything from bunkers to towers and even a great 2 fort setup. This airsoft field also always seems to be improving so keep an eye out for this one it’s a great place to play at.

Team Airsoft (GeorgeTown)

Gameplay: Field/woodland

Open: Every Saturday, unless there is a Sunday game

Average Cost:  $15

Rentals: Yes

Average Review Rating 4.5/ 5 Stars


Location:33 Old Towne Rd; Dawsonville Ga. 30534

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You can normally find 50+ people here because of the larger field. There’s a lot of different game types and this is one of the best fields in Georgia. What are you waiting for?

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