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Best Airsoft Goggles for 2016


Best Airsoft Goggles for 2016

It’s important while playing airsoft to protect your eyes, those small bb’s at the high velocity they are being projected at can cause major damage if you take a direct hit to your eyes. You should be responsible while operating any airsoft guns and not handle them without proper eye protection. We know some of you wear glasses so we wanted to make sure to add a pair of tactical goggles that works well this glasses under them. Now that you know how important it is to have the proper eyewear while playing airsoft check out our list below of the best airsoft goggles for 2016.

Bolle X100 Tactical Goggles


Bolle is known for quality eyewear but they also make ski goggles. Do not make the mistake of getting the wrong goggles and having the plastic shatter upon impact. The Bolle X100 Tactical Goggles are what you want for airsoft. These goggles are military grade with ballistic protection, the x100 goggles offer some of the best anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance on the market. These also feature equalizer technology that uses a waterproof and breathable vent to eliminate any moisture that may occur. The result of having equalizer technology is a distortion free ultra-clear vision with no fogging at any altitude

Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic


The Revision Locust is one of the best pairs of airsoft goggles you will find. These bad boys can handle any temperature while providing great comfort.They also have what’s known as dual-pane thermal coating that keeps fog and scratches from occurring. One of the things that we love about these goggles are that the lenses are interchangeable, so if you are playing in direct sunlight or at night you can easily swap out the lenses and continue on doing what you love “airsoft!”

ARENA Flakjak U.S. Military Goggle Kit, FJ-K1112


The Arena flakjak offer superior eye protection and are combat tested and proven. They offer some of the best fit in the business while being comfortable but large enough to fit over eye glasses. The ballistic frame is reinforced and ultra durable.

ESS Land Ops Striker Goggles – Foliage Green


Want a pair of goggles that’s backed by the U.S army? These are authorized for use of prescription eyewear and offer exceptional fog resistant and particle filtration. They also have extra thick lenses to ensure stellar protection. Hey, these also come with a gift box.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles, Vented, OD Green


Need eye protection while protecting your bank account? Well, the lancer tactical goggles offer very good protection while keeping your bank account in line. They offer full seal protection, large field of view and are also adjustable. Keep in mind these do not offer anti fog protection and scratch protection like the others above. They do the basics well, though, keep your eyes comfortable and protect your eyes from projectiles.


So now that you have a nice pair of airsoft goggles to protect your eyes how about some protection for the rest of your face? Full face mask are very popular in airsoft and we created a list of the best 5. After all, we want to keep our lips, nose and ears in tact right?!

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