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Best Airsoft Shotguns Under $75 for 2015


So you’re looking for the best airsoft shotguns you can get for under $75

You don’t have to have an expensive piece of equipment to be able to enjoy the game of airsoft. Luckily there are guns in every price range making it possible for everyone out there to find something. Don’t be discouraged or taken aback when you look online and see nothing but expensive guns that go beyond your budget. There is something for you out there you just need some guidance. Especially when you are a novice and new to the game you may want to be economical when it comes to buying your first gun. You still have to figure out your likes and dislikes as well as the features that are important to you before you may want to invest in a more expensive piece. These are some of the best airsoft shotguns that are under $75 for the person who is looking to get a great price and good value. Our best airsoft shotguns list is in no particular order.


Double Eagles M58B Metal Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun 350-FPS



This is an airsoft pump shotgun that fires at 375-400 FPS which is great power for the price. This gun is made up of mostly metal alloy and hard ABS plastic. It does come with a couple of extras like a free speed loader and free sling which is always a plus. It has a 14 round capacity. This realistic shotgun rifle is definitely the most powerful gun you can get at a very affordable price.Best price buy the M58B Here


Double Eagle M47C Sawed-Off Style Shotgun with Scope and Flash Light, Black


This is a heavyweight single handed grip shotgun with extras. Ideal for any airsoft event and for players simply getting into this game. In the event that your searching for a spring pump activity shotgun look close to the M47 single handed grip shotgun.Get the best price here




Airsoft Gun M183A1 Shotgun Rifle Full Scale Tactical


This is a new and full scale pump action shotgun that is ready to go. A unique aspect on this gun is that it uses an authentic shotgun shell cartridge that holds the ammo which gives it an awesome look. It has a full length barrel and an adjustable hop up with a single shot velocity of 350 FPS.  The magazine capacity is 14BB’s. This gun comes with some extras such as shell holder, speed loader, and a sample bag of BB’s. Best Price on the M183A1 shotgun buy now


DE M56DL Tri-Shot CQB-L Airsoft Shotgun


This is another model that has the innovative feature of triple firing where 3 BB’s can be shot simultaneously. This gun has a speed of 290 FPS with a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It also includes a speed loader and sling, a metal barrel and an adjustable front sling loop.Best Price on the M56DL airsoft shotgun buy now


UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun – Full Stock Version


It has a pistol grip full stock which allows for maximum weapon retention and stability. It also has the tri-shot capability which allows 3 BB’s to be shot at the same time from 3 individual barrels in one cycle. It has open iron sights that allow for quick target acquisition. The short barrel allows for comfortable maneuverability. This weapon shoots at 290 FPS and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Some features that are included are a two shot shell and a speed loader. The muscle spring action gives it a dominant force while out on the field.Best price on the combat commando buy now

So there you have it our list of the best airsoft shotguns you can get under $75.00. If you are looking for the best rifle , pistol or sniper rifle we also have top 5 list for them as well.

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