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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Check out our list of the best airsoft sniper rifles


When it comes to being an airsoft sniper there are a lot of factors that go into being effective. Being stealthy and quiet, wearing the right camouflage gear in order to blend in, and buying the right ammo are just a few things to consider. The most important component though is to choose the right sniper rifle. There are so many options and features that can go into choosing the correct gun for your level of play. Here are the top 5 best airsoft sniper rifles out there that will get the job done and perform very well so that you are not disappointed.


King Arms Kalashnikov FPS-475 Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle



This King Arms was modeled after the Soviet designed gun. Very Powerful 475 fps electric powered full metal contruction with folding bipod. Realistic heavy weight design that holds 200 rounds in the mag. Has the adjustable hop and comes with battery and charger. If you’re looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle you can get for under $200 this is going to be it.


Well MB4403A L96 FPS-440 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Here we go. Looking for a spring airsoft sniper rifle that has power? Well the Well L96 w/folding stock is a beast. This airsoft sniper rifle has the top intergrated and from rail system. Has the pistol grip and comes with a safety switch. Looking for fire power? This has 440fps! Top scope rail,bolt action spring,flash supressor and adjustable hope up system.



Airsoft JG BAR10 Bolt Action Rifle With Scope


When talking about the best airsoft sniper rifles you have to bring up the JG BAR 10!.This is a bolt action rifle that uses a manually operated bolt that opens and closes the breech with a small handle. Bolt action rifles are a popular choice for snipers and hunters because of their great accuracy.  It is realistic with a one piece full metal barrel and has a nice finish on the body.  It shoots hard and accurate which is a great combination.  It has an adjustable hop up and a long, tight bore sniper barrel for accuracy and precision. This gun tops out at over 475 FPS with 0.20 BB’s also while being able to shoot tight groupings at over 100 feet out. This cutting edge rifle is definitely worth checking out. Number 3 on our best airsoft sniper rifles list.
G&G M14 EGM014WWS FPS-310 Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle


High Value pricey but well worth it. This is the Aeg Electric g&g m14 assault rifle. Features very durable construction with a realistic weight and feel. Real wood no corners were cut in making this bad boy. This electric airsoft shoots very fast and is very powerful! Inner Barrel length is over 20inch. Nothing left to say about this airsoft sniper rifle its a beast.


KJW KM1 FPS-620 Green Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle-



Want to be blown away? When you feel this green gas kjw km1 carbine rifle you will be impressed. Full Metal Construction,rail mount,fixed stock and a built in metal hop up system. This airsoft sniper rifle has everything you could ever want. Great price


So there you have it our entire list of the best airsoft sniper rifles!. Pick one of the 5 rifles above and you will be sure to have one of the best airsoft sniper rifles on the field! So pick your favorite game and get going!

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