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Best Airsoft Vest Under $50 for 2016


Protecting yourself in the exhilarating game of airsoft can be very important if you want to play pain-free. I know that when we are playing we want to be confident to make our moves during action not thinking about if it’s going to hurt. Here’s some information highlighting some of the best and most popular choices that fans of the sport are buying. Also, it showcases some of the bonuses and popular features that we should look for. It’s worth investing in a good airsoft vest so that you can feel secure and comforted in knowing you are going to be protected during the course of the game. I wouldn’t mind wearing the best airsoft vests of 2016 would you?

Here is a list of the best airsoft vests to get under $50:

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


This vest has a specific design that is useful for airsoft players. With a lot of storage space included so that you can carry anything you want to take with you during the course of the game. It’s a great feeling being prepared out there for anything! This is the real deal here and a great option.

Another distinct feature is it’s breathable and well-ventilated material used for its design.It makes it nice and airy so that you can feel comfortable wearing it for a long time.

The Interchangeable Mag Pouch and Holster The vest comes with a hook-and-loop attachable modular double mag pouch as well as a right-handed holster. They are interchangeable to meet demands of different missions which is awesome. These are what official law enforcement personnel wear which is pretty cool. No matter if you are in a real life threatening situation where it can save your life, or out on the airsoft field having a good time this vest suits the occasion and is one you want to wear.

CAMTOA Tactical Vest Combat Molle Assault Military Army Airsoft Tactical SWAT Vest –


This vest is very versatile and has a lot to offer the buyer. It has many features that are unique and make this another great option such as that it’s made by high-density nylon material that makes it durable and comfortable. A velcro patch can be attached on the vest for an added bonus. Fully adjustable in size with velcro attachment on two sides and shoulder of the vest body so it’s great for any size. A good option for an airsoft vests for big guys.

Some specifications are that is has a back MED pouch and pistol magazine pouches for convenient storage space, one with big velcro for ID card. It also features buckles and adjustable shoulders with 3 adjustment straps so that you can make it comfortable to you personally as if it was one of a kind!

Crosman Elite Airsoft Tactical Harness –


This is a great buy for under $50 as well. It comes in a very comfortable and light nylon material which is ideal. It also zippers on and off from up front which makes it effortless to put on and take off. Featuring eight ventilated pockets for stashing airsoft magazines, radio, bottled water and just about anything else you carry to the field. It also has 2 internal, deep pockets with zippers which are perfect for stashing the things you really can’t lose!

It also includes a padded shoulder for right-handed shooters for that added comfort you appreciate during the game. This vest looks good to the eye for sure and that is one of the draws to it but it also backs it up with a sturdy design that is tactical and efficient. This airsoft guns vest is a great buy.

WELL Fire Combat Tactical Vest Camo Airsoft Gun Accessory –


This is a great beginners vest which won’t cost you as much as some of the others on the list but will still most definitely get the job done. It comes with front and back protection which is amazing because you want to feel secure all over. The cool Camo design is also good and ideal for being stealthy and unseen in the heat of the game. The dual side pockets and velcro straps are ideal for storage and convenience.

This vest is well under the $50 and is a great way to get started without breaking the bank. It does the main goal which protects you from those bullets coming towards you that can hurt if you are not prepared. This is also a great buy if you are purchasing extras for the non-enthusiasts that just want to play once in a while. Don’t get me wrong though anyone would do well with this vest out in the airsoft field. Great price, great buy.

MetalTac® Airsoft Tactical Vest – Police Law Enforcement Modular Style SWAT Vest –


If you are out on the field with this airsoft sniper vest than you know you are official. Nobody would dought that with it’s sleek design and official look. Comes in an X-L one size fits all that is designed to fit every individual size with stretch bands as well designed to hold shotgun shells. For an added bonus you even get a SWAT patch that makes you intimidating and ready for action. Comes also with 12 pockets, 8 in the front and 2 in the back so that you can get to things at any angle. It has 4 large pockets for rifle magazines which include 2 in the front and 2 in the back for convenience.

This design is meant to last and is extremely durable even for the wear and tear these situations present. Constructed from durable nylon and comes with neck protection cushion to also provide comfort for whatever position you are in. Perfect for airsoft sniper vest shoppers. Now that you have a great sniper vest you’re going to need the best airsoft sniper rifle.

Condor Modular Vest


This vest is ideal for anyone to wear and feel extremely protected out on the field. It also zips from the front which makes it easy to wear even for the bigger guys out there. Airsoft vest for big people are sometimes hard to find and this one definitely accommodates. It fits everyone though and is extremely versatile and adjustable so no one has to shy away from it.

Some other features are its emergency drag handle and padded chest for extra protection. It has heavy weight webbing for modular attachments which is also a great feature. With quick release buckles and hanging guides for pistol and duty belts. This imported vest is also very sharp in design and includes 2 internal zippered mesh pockets for storage. Its very light in weight and maneuverable in any situation that is presented during your adventure!

As you can see the benefits in buying an airsoft vest that is appropriate to your needs and maintains great protection always is important. Let the list be your guideline in what to look for and works for you. These are some of the best airsoft vests for 2016 that are under $50. They really keep you protected and safe during the game and also provide additional features that improve the quality of play. Make sure you snag one of these to really make your airsoft experience the best it can be. No pain and more focus to get those targets!

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