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Best Airsoft Eye Protection Gear


We made a list of the top 5 best airsoft eye protection gear.

As you know playing air soft is something that should not be taken lightly and being responsible by using the right equipment is a very big part of it. Being shot by an air soft pellet definitely hurts and there is no where that it stings more than in the face or the eyes. If one does not have airsoft eye protection  you may cause serious injury and especially if the BB comes in contact anywhere near your eye socket or eyeballs. If you to choose one piece of equipment as a must have, airsoft eye protection gear would be the recommended. It’s the single most important article of protection that you can get. Get this before you invest in anything else. Most places will not let you even step foot on the battle premises without having the required airsoft eye protection, and for good reason.

There are different levels of protection while playing air soft such as impact resistant protective glasses, protective goggles and a full face tactical mask. Any of these options are sufficient but the key is to make sure it’s from a reputable manufacturer and that it’s high quality. There is no point in having airsoft eye protection gear if you have low quality plastics because it won’t be able to withstand the velocity of the BB.

Here are the top 5 picks of the best airsoft eye protection gear:

1. Save Phace Vengence Full Face Airsoft Mask LL SERIES – BLACK
Although this option might look extreme it really is your safest bet. This is going to provide the most solid protection as far as safety and coverage goes. This is known as one of the best pieces of face protection that you can get your hands on and it’s intimidating hurt doesn’t hurt either. This mask is crafted from high quality, high impact polymer and is equipped with military – grade clear lenses. The low profile design makes it comfortable and gives you better access to your iron sights without obstructing the visibility. One of the best feature about the whole t hing is the option to detach the goggles from the mask. You can have the option of just using the goggle portion of the piece when you feel it is appropriate. The mask has a throat protector included which protects you from high velocity projectiles that come at your upper neck and throat area. The mask is also coated with a military grade of UV anti-fog and anti-scratch solution for added durability. This particular mask is designed exclusively for air soft players and is the best in the market.

2. ESS Pro Advancer V12 Goggle
This goggle has an Adjustable Ventilation System that is patented and designed for the user to choose between two lens positions. You can have them closed , to seal out dust and debris or you can opt to have them set on advanced which is open to circulation and air and keeps them from fogging. It also has an easy adjusting strap for convenient adjustability to get it nice and snug to your face. It also offers 100% UVA/UVB protection so that you are fully protected. The design is night vision compatible if you enjoy playing in the dark as well.

3.Revision Military Asian Locust Goggle Essential – Black
This is a ballistic protective goggle that is known to provide maximum comfort to the user. It may not seem like comfort is important when playing air soft, but it truly is. There is nothing worse than a protective mask that doesn’t fit right and is slipping all over the place. With this design you are guaranteed to have the perfect fit. The field of view is great on these goggles as well because it’s completely unrestricted. The lenses have full frame ventilation and are coated with OcuMax tp prevent any fogging. These goggles are very precisely designed and feature interchangeable lenses to ensure no distortion in your view for peak performance.

4. Optx 20/20 Eyedefend US Armor Military Ballistic Goggles with Rx Insert, Army Green

This is also a ballistic goggle that is great for air soft. It comes with 2 interchangeable lenses and is designed to be reliable and effective. The anti- fog and scratch resistant coating gives it extra protection and make these last a long time. They have high quality polycarbonate lenses to exceed standards and provide 99.9% UVA-UVB protection. This piece is designed for tactical usage and is a great choice for protecting your eyes.

5. Airsoft Guarder C4 Tactical Shooting Glasses w/4 Set Lens & Belt
If you feel more comfortable using a good pair of protective glasses these are some heavy duty ones that offer good support. My recommendation would be to opt for goggles or a full mask but if these are unbearable for you then these would do. It is a durable plastic frame and generously comes with 4 sets of lenses which will last you a long time. This pair of glasses comes with ultra ballistic protection. They are sure to be secure to your body because of the glasses bow that supports them when they are on your face and the soft padding adaptor it comes with if you choose the sport belt mode.
These are a very durable choice and are specifically engineered to withstand war game activities.

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for airsoft eye protection gear. These are some of the top notch products out there that are focused on safety and reliability. Any of these items are a good purchase when it comes to protecting your eyes. The importance of choosing the right gear, especially for your eyes can’t be stressed enough. Under no circumstances whatsoever should your eyes be unprotected at anytime when you are involved in air soft activity. So now that we gave you the list of our best 5 what airsoft eye protection gear do you prefer? Leave comments below and let us know!

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